Free Summer Film Series

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Screenings on Mondays at 10:30am


Shark Tale
Shark Tale(2004)
Oscar is a fast-talking little fish that dreams big. But, his big dreams land him in hot water when a great white lie turns him into an unlikely hero. At first, his fellow fish swallow Oscar's story hook, line and sinker and shower him with fame and fortune. It's all going along swimmingly, until it becomes clear that Oscar's tale about being the defender of the reef is all wet. Oscar finds that being a hero comes at a price when his lie threatens to make him the Catch of the Day. Now, he has to tread water until he can get the scales to tip back in his favor.

Over the Hedge
Over the Hedge(2006)
Ever-cautious Verne the turtle and his woodland friends awaken from their long winter's nap to discover a suburban housing development encroaching on their forest home. Verne's first instinct is to retreat into his shell and leave. But, R.J. the opportunistic raccoon sees a treasure trove to be had from their unsuspecting new human neighbors. Suspicious and even a little jealous of RJ, the turtle wants to keep his blended family safely on their side of the hedge that divides the forest from the humans. Eventually, RJ and Verne form an unlikely friendship as they learn to co-exist with--and even exploit--this strange new world called suburbia.

Bee Movie (2007)
Bee Movie (2007)(2007)
A recent college graduate, Barry B. Benson wants more out of life than the career that awaits him and every other worker in New Hive City--a job at Honex… making honey. Barry ventures out of the hive and soon encounters a world beyond his wildest dreams. And, thanks to a quirky florist named Vanessa, he gets a guided crash course in the ways of the human race. But, when he discovers that anyone can purchase honey right off the grocery store shelf, he realizes that his true calling is to stop this injustice and set the world right by suing the human race for stealing the bees' precious honey.

Monsters vs. Aliens
Monsters vs. Aliens(2009)
When California girl Susan Murphy is unwittingly clobbered by a meteor full of outer space gunk on her wedding day, she mysteriously grows to 49-feet-11-inches tall. The military jumps into action and Susan is captured and secreted away to a covert government compound. There, she is renamed Ginormica and placed in confinement with a ragtag group of monsters. Their confinement is cut short, however, when a mysterious alien robot lands on Earth and begins storming the country. In a moment of desperation, the President is persuaded to enlist the motley crew of Monsters to combat the Alien Robot and save the world from imminent destruction.

The supervillain Megamind finally conquers his nemesis, the hero Metro Man... but finds his life pointless without a hero to fight.